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    The high resolution of the 1080 P reversing image presents super night vision in low light conditions, and the reversing image display with guidelines can help you to park safely. When driving or reversing, it is flexible and convenient to adjust the angle of view by sliding a finger on the touch screen. No need for any laborious installation method, just install it on your original rearview mirror and have an adjustable elastic band.


    Car DVR LED

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    WDR technology can effectively balance the exposure so that high-definition pictures can be taken in high-brightness or dark environments. When the car encountered a collision, the video will be locked. Automatically save the video, restore the scene of the accident. to prevent misuse, delete or overwrite.


    No Rear CameraWith 6m Rear Camera
    32 G64 GNone
    Sale! Inch DVR Mirror - RecordingInch DVR Mirror - Recording

    Inch DVR Mirror – Recording

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    3 full HD 1080P camera blackhead input, can provide amazing image quality during the day and night. Advanced sensor display function can make richer and clearer images on the 2-inch screen.

    Sale! Rearview Camera Night VisionRearview Camera Night Vision

    Rearview Camera Night Vision

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  • Fill six infrared light new 6 infrared night vision lights at night or under poor light conditions, the infrared light automatically turns on, you can manually turn the infrared light off, add 6 infrared lights at night or in bad infrared light will make the light effect and improve visibility. The screen can be rotated by 270 degrees. It can be rotated by 270 degrees, no worry, viewing angle problem, easy and intuitive, integrated design, no internal space.

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    Video Recorder LEDVideo Recorder LED

    Video Recorder LED

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