How To Connect Speakers To Phone

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To reproduce your favorite melodies, a person needs not only the music files and a device that can read them and convert into sound, but also good columns. Usually, powerful audio equipment connects to no less powerful sound sources – a personal computer with a high-quality sound card capable of handling multichannel digital sound, well, or, at worst, a laptop with a 3.5 mm output for connecting a simple stereo pair. For the best sound, expensive acoustic systems are used, connected to the home cinema or music center.

But all these options are suitable for stationary playback of music or audio tracks video and are mainly used in premises. What if mobility is required? You can connect small columns to the phone. To do this, use the same entry in a mobile phone, which usually sticks out headphones – mini-jack 3.5 mm. It seems that everything is simple. But that the phone can pass the sound on the speakers, and the whole system worked properly, you need to choose the right equipment and explore all the nuances of connecting columns to the mobile phone.


Selection Of Speakers.

While the computer can connect any acoustic equipment, using the phone as a sound source has some features. First of all, it is the limited connectors available. The absolute majority of phones are equipped with only one connector of 3.5 mm, which immediately narrows the choice of columns to a minimum – you can connect only the simplest speakers of the 2.0 system. Even the linear output for the subwoofer is not found on the phone.

When you connect the columns to the phone, you can use only active columns. Passive will eat from the phone battery and will quickly rise. As for nutrition, any equipment will suit. If the music is listened to the room, the usual columns are included in the electrical network. To ensure mobility there are small models on batteries or with a built-in battery.

It matters, of course, the phone model. So, Apple manufactures special docking stations for their iPhone phones. These docking stations are compact speakers to which the smartphone is directly connected without using wires. In addition to official equipment, you can use one of the many analogues that have advanced functionality:

  • Connecting two devices at once, one of which will be connected to the main jack, and the second – via a 3.5 mm connector, and this device may not necessarily be an iPhone or iPod, and the phone on the Android platform or even an MP3 player;
  • Parallel charging device;
  • Clock, alarm clock, calendar;
  • Radio.



There are also docking stations specifically designed for Android devices and phones on other, less common, platforms. The functions of them are approximately similar to Apple docking stations.

But if you want to connect to the phone the usual stereo pair, it is necessary to navigate to the following parameters:

  • Power. It makes no sense for overpaying for too powerful equipment, as the phone itself will not be able to ensure the full implementation of its potential. It will be enough 5 – 6 W, which will provide sufficient volume.
  • Dimensions. Since the main function of the column for the phone is mobility, the sound equipment must be compact.
  • Additional connectors – Micro-USB to recharging columns if there is a built-in battery, as well as a memory card connector so that you can listen to music separately from the phone.
  • The presence of a built-in FM receiver. If you like the radio, such a detail can significantly improve the ability of the phone, the receiver of which is usually quite weak.
  • Controls. Turn button and volume control button so as not to crawl constantly to the phone.
  • Battery capacity of active columns.

Connecting Columns To The Phone.

The wireless connection is carried out using Bluetooth technology. Too far to delete the phone from the speakers in this case will not work, but the distance in any case will exceed the length of almost any copper cable, be it a micro-usb or acoustic wire. Bluetooth speakers have all the parameters necessary for high-quality listening to music, allow you to play a high bitrate files and operate in a wide frequency range. True, the cost of good wireless columns is often at times exceeding the cost of wired options.

When choosing speakers for a mobile phone, it is necessary to comply with the correspondence of the equipment characteristics – not only power, but also resistance. The latter inconsistency can lead to a breakdown or columns, or a sound processor in the smartphone. For convenience, you can compare the parameters of the selected speakers and headsets, which are included with the phone. Typically, the allowable resistance does not exceed 4 ohms.

Thus, connect the columns with a mobile phone is very simple – the procedure is practically no different from the connection of the headset or headphones. The main thing is to choose the optimal equipment and carefully examine the user’s manual to prevent errors and breakdowns of electronic devices.

External Speakers As An Alternative To Speakers.

External speakers will significantly improve the power of the sound from the phone.

They are connected through the standard 3.5mm connector if the connector does not match the phone, a special adapter is used. There are also wireless options using a Bluetooth connection.

Do not count that the external speakers “wonderful” way will improve the qualitative characteristics of the sound parameters of your phone. There is probable the opposite result, the flaws will be “multiplied.”